Genshinryu is literally translated as:

"Genshin" - An acute sense of the intended action of an opponent, which can be acquired only after long years of Martial arts training. A martial artist who possesses Genshin can thus anticipate an attack a fraction of a second before it takes place and counter-attack immediately with maximum effectiveness. It also means "intuition".

"Ryu" - a school system or style.

Genshinryu was founded and refined by Master Christian Whitney after more then 30 years of studying and researching various Martial Arts. Genshinryu has assisted in bringing back what has been lost due to tournament competitions and extreme fighting. It is where the "true" essence of the Martial arts can be found. Genshinryu is comprised of the Martial arts of Aikido, Chin-Na, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu, Pa-Kua Kung Fu, Pencak Silat & Wing Chun.  Students train in Chi Kung exercises to cultivate Ki (Chi) energy and Shaolin Iron Palm to strengthen the hands & forearms.

Genshinryu's innovative & harmonious structure of integrating the "true" Martial Arts with Ki (Chi) development, hand conditioning (Iron Palm), Eastern philosophy and Zen (meditation) leaves no room for one to falter from "the way".

Genshinryu's philosophy is rooted in benevolence and peace creating knowledgable and humble Martial Artists who keep the "Martial Arts" alive by being non-sports oriented. Genshinryu Warriors train in Bushido (the way of the warrior - this is the honor code of the Samurai) & adapt this to their everyday life.  Bushido is comprised of seven virtues, which are: Courage, Honor, Justice, Courtesy, Truthfulness, Benevolence & Loyalty.

A Genshinryu warrior's training is vast and encompasses many areas. It is an enlightening, peaceful art with self defense techniques that are developed only through the proper Waza training in a three step progression. There are NO ineffectual techniques in Genshinryu. Nor are there ever ego driven warriors.

The self defense areas include defense against punches & kicks, ground techniques, chokes, wrist & arm locks, restraints, rear attacks, takedowns & throws, leg sweeps, body grabs, pressure point applications and other areas including advanced weapons catagories (for intermediate/advanced students such as Knife fighting/defense, Jodo/stick fighting/defense and gun disarms).

The Genshinryu curriculum is unlike any other Martial art because of it being so well rounded in all areas.
A student begins by learning the required 15 strikes, 15 kicks, 9 blocks & 9 combinations.
After this students will be given 4 self defense catagories to train in.
There are a required number of defenses the student must learn for promotion to the next rank.
Upon promotion the student will receive new self defense catagories and also have additional techniques added to the previous catagories.

In addition to the self defense, other requirements include:
Japanese / Martial arts terminology
Ninjutsu Kuji-In
Chi Kung
Intermediate/advanced rank includes required weapons training and advanced Iron palm.

Genshinryu requires one to train diligently. Although the Zazen (meditation) is only for 5 minutes in a 1 hour class, it is manditory and necessary for proper growth. The Iron Palm training is a requirement after one obtains the first rank of yellow belt.  However the frequency and progression in Iron Palm training will depend on the student's desire. Genshinryu is not for technique collectors or someone wishing to jump from school to school, it is a well rounded Martial Art that holds to tradition, realistic self defense and proper training.

Genshinryu IS NOT:

Genshinryu IS:


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YinYang Genshinryu is not to be confused with a Martial arts school in the United Kingdom that has Genshin Ryu as it's name. This school in the UK teaches a style called Genshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, a combat Martial art using a combination of Aikido and Jiujitsu. They use the name of their school first and then the style they teach after it.  The Martial art Genshinryu is not related to this school or style taught in the United Kingdom. Respectfully, Masters from the school in the UK and Master Christian Whitney of Genshinryu in the USA have amicably decided to use "UK" and "USA" on any videos when referring to founded styles / schools as it limits any confusion. Genshinryu  without the following words of Jiu-Jitsu or Iaido is referring to Genshinryu Martial art of the USA.

YinYang Update: as of June, 2008 there is also a new Martial arts school that opened in Italy that has Genshin Ryu as it's name. They use the same definition of the word "Genshin" in the discription of their school. Respectfully, they are not related to the school in the United  Kingdom or Genshinryu in the USA.



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